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Munny & the Cameraman (free downloads)

by Munny & the Cameraman

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    FREE download of "Tattoos" and "Revolutions", two songs from our debut album!




This is a FREE sample from our newly released self-titled debut album. If you enjoy the song the full album is available for purchase as a download and/or physical copy with original artwork right here at www.munnyandthecameraman.com! Thank you for supporting independent music :)


released April 17, 2011

Munny Townsend - Vocals, Guitar
Jonah Sol Gabry - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, etc

Mixed by Tucker Dalton
Mastered by Woods Drinkwater



all rights reserved


Munny & the Cameraman Portland, Oregon

Born out of an acoustic tradition, Munny & the Cameraman incorporates a uniquely textured mix of instrumental musings and lyrical intensity. What started eight years ago has grown into a "beyond-acoustic" partnership - carefully blending styles of Americana folk, blues, jazz and indie-rock. M&tC is a sonic experience that feels strangely familiar, like you've known them all along. ... more

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Track Name: Tattoos (free song download)
painted words on a table mean nothing
but carve them and bleed
burned into place we slept together
you were on your knees
she is out there somewhere
begging for our grief
broken lines dot the boulevard
on the way back home
she’s tucked into a pocket sewn shut
just so no one’ll know
i can hear them laughing
but i knew you’d go

i can’t stand still
and you can’t hold back
i’m gnawing on your tattoos
you paint your windows black

conversations beat
my eardrums cadence on their own
i wish you were here instead of out there
sewn shut and stoned
you have to hold on while i go down

the degree to which she becomes a character
in my mind is the degree
to which she becomes absent from my life
i would starve to watch you crawl
Track Name: Revolutions (free song download)

two revolutions forward
one revolution ago
i held a secret between my thumbs
but had to let her
go wheels beneath the burning sky
finish where they started
and when does returning mean
you’ve already departed

start a revolution baby
change your mind
start a revolution maybe
you’ll feel better inside

it’s the silence between her words
as she looks at the sky
moving on to come back home
baby take me for a ride
rock me back against your chest
let me never stop falling
comfort with the endlessness
is better off than crawling

there’s an ocean inside of me
filled with words she never said
i swim in it to know all
the places we never met
staring at the edge of loneliness
in a city far away
do i dare eat a peach
as i stumble stagger and stay